The world has changed an awful lot since last season, hasn’t it? But one thing we still have is football (albeit a bit different). And Football Manager 2020 until Football Manager 2021 is released in November or December.

With the delay of Football Manager 2021, there will be many of you desperate to play with clubs with updated transfers. Chelsea seem to be signing every good player in the world, and the Premier League has attracted some serious talent.

So, we’ve decided to put together an updated database so that you can all play Football Manager 2021… on Football Manager 2020.

2021 Season Update for Football Manager 2020

It’s taken us weeks and weeks, but we’ve finally got there. The database is accurate as of the end of the transfer window.

Anyone who buys the update will receive all future database updates for FREE. You’ll be emailed each database as soon as they’re released.

Installing the new database is easy as pie. Just copy the file you’ll receive via email and paste it in the ‘editor data’ folder, which can usually be found in documents > sports interactive > editor data.

Enjoy, lads!

2021 Season Update for Football Manager 2020