As FM comes out each year, there are some mistakes that players (both old and new might) make. However, I am here to help make sure no one makes the same silly mistakes that I have done in the past. That’s what we do here at Football Manager Tips. 

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid on Football Manager 2021

  1. Start off easy. As tempting as it may be to try and bring Halifax to a Champions League title, this is not the best strategy at launch. Each year, Football Manager comes out with new untested features, so it is best to start with a more established club and feel out the game. Try going with Liverpool for a season or two to test out tactics and potential transfer strategies. Then, maybe move down to a second-tier side for a promotion battle. If you feel strong enough after this, then the game is your oyster and all saves are a good idea. 

FM20 Jurgen Klopp Liverpool Tactic.png

2. Don’t go looking for tactics online. While creators like WorkTheSpace have outstanding tactics that are successful every year, copying their style takes all the fun out of the game. Sure, 4-2-3-1 Gegenpress with Khius Metz up front may take you out of Non League, but the sense of accomplishment that comes with it is no longer there. Work out your own tactics that suit your team. For me, I ran the 4-1-2-1-2 attacking with Leicester. This complimented my strong full-backs and striker pairing. The duo of Vardy and Jonathan David bagged 30 goals with both wingbacks having 10+ assists. Go with your gut on tactics, and don’t be afraid to try new things.


3. Don’t allow players to negotiate sell-on clauses in contract negotiations. In a market like today’s transfer market, talented players under the age of 25 can demand fees upwards of triple digits. Say that you start a save with Rennes, and are in possession of Eduardo Camavinga. If you were to offer him a new contract, you cannot let him gain any percentage of a sell-on fee. Inevitably, if he does well, PSG will swoop in with a massive transfer fee. With a sell-on clause missing on Camavinga’s contract, this allows you to reap the benefits of a monster deal. 

Eduardo Camavinga FM20.png

4. Don’t sell the aging club legend so quickly. Squad dynamics are always a key factor to a team’s success, and getting rid of an influential figure in the locker room can mess up the team’s morale. Although his salary may be large and his age is increasing, it is best to see him out until the end of his contract. Sometimes with a decreased role, he will request to leave before his contract has ended, but it is not worth forcing him out of the club early.

Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 11.43.30 AM.png

5. Finally, have fun. This game is meant for football enthusiasts to enjoy themselves. It doesn’t matter whether you can take Macclesfield Town to the Champions League final in 5 years. It’s all about watching star players seeing the end of their careers, developing young talent, and creating your own managerial style. Dress up for a Playoff at Wembley, make Didier Drogba Assistant Coach at Bristol Rovers, the game is about fun. If you are doing the small things that make the game enjoyable, THAT’S how you play Football Manager.