With money so hard to come by in Football Manager 21 due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on clubs’ finances, it’s more important than ever to know the best cheap midfielders on Football Manager 21.

We’ve scoured the huge database and found some absolute gems that will improve almost any squad, and a seriously low price.

Best Cheap Midfielders on Football Manager 21

Thiago Almada

No description available.

If you played Football Manager 20, you’ll know all about Thiago Almada. He’s still around on Football Manager 21, and he’s still incredible. You can get him around £5m.

Fausto Vera

As far as young defensive midfielders come, they don’t get much more solid. Vera can do it all. He can sit behind the midfield mopping up the ball quite comfortably, but also has the technical skills needed to push further up. Available for around £4m.

Nicolo Rovella

This year there’s a huge void left by Sandro Tonali after his move to AC Milan, but there’s a new Italian defensive midfielders on the block. Rovella will become one of the best midfielders on the game and is a must buy at £1.3m.

Timothy Weah

No description available.

Versatile and quick off the mark, Timothy Weah is a really strong option to bolster your squad without breaking the bank, although his determination will put off a lot of suitors. Available at around £6m.

Jaminton Campaz

No description available.

We could be looking at the next James Rodriguez. Campaz is still plying his trade in his native Colombia and after his breakthrough season at Deportes Tolima, he’s ready for his big move. Available for around £1.5m.

Franco Tongya

It’s not easy breaking through at Juventus (or Zebre as they’re know on Football Manager 21), so it’s best to snap up Franco Tongya from them and give him the first team football needed to make him one of the wold’s bests. Tongya can do a job literally anywhere in midfield, and has all of Europe’s big clubs sniffing. A bid of around £750k will be accepted.

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