If like me, you love the prospect of taking a Vanarama National League or Non-League side from complete obscurity to the very top of English football, then you’ll know that signing free agents is crucial to success.

One of my favourite ever Football Manager saves was taking my local semi-professional club Skelmersdale United to the footballing leagues. It took eight years and many free transfers to climb up from the North West Counties Premier League, and along the way I was fortunate enough to manage some unbelievably talented players.

With that in mind, I thought I was well equipped to put together a list of the best free agents to sign in the National League and Non-League on Football Manager 20.

5. Denilson Carvalho

Denilson Carvalho Football Manager

A Brazilian attack midfielder from the Arsenal academy. Need I say more about Denilson Carvalho? Signed by Watford after his release from the Gunners, before a short stint at Huddersfield. It’s clear that everyone who has taken a look at the 20-year-old has seen that there is real talent there.

As far as his ratings go, he’s pretty solid at just about everything, with no immediate weaknesses standing out. Playing him behind the striker in the non-league or National League can add real flair and quality to your game.

4. Mario Ferreira

Mario Ferreira Football Manager

If you need to be sold on Mario Ferreira, just take a look at his determination and flair stats. He’s exactly what you could wish for in a winger. Agile, unpredictable, technically assured and actually has end product.

Might be tough to bring him to your non-league club, but if you’re looking for a Vanarama National League free agent, look no further. He can be a mainstay in your side right up to the Premier League.

3. Jamie Thomas

Jamie Thomas Football manager 20

A popular figure in the Football Manager community as one of the best free signings for lower league clubs. Jamie Thomas scores goals. It’s just what he does. He’s physically solid, stands at 6’2″ and is a ruthless finisher. Easily capable of playing in League 1.

2. Tyrell Warren

Tyrell Warren Football manager 20

Let’s look past the fact he’s pretty short for a centre back. Let’s just take a look at the stats. He can head the ball, he can tackle, his marking is spot on, and he’s really pacey for a centre half. Your staff will tell you that Tyrell has the potential to play in the Championship, and they’re probably not wrong.

  1. Khius Metz

How can he be the best free agent for Vanarama National League and Non-League sides if he has 5 finishing? Well. I don’t know. But he just is, ok? Just trust me on this. Khius Metz is the best free agent on Football Manager 20. Full stop. He has magic in his boots. He’s Gary Goals. 40 goals a season almost guaranteed in any league below the National League.

Let’s take a look at the stats. Horrific finisher. Concentration so low that he’s practically asleep. Anticipation? Dismal. Teamwork? God no. Heading? 50p head. Decision making? Worse than mine in real life. Strong? About as strong as a 4 week old baby. Surely he must work hard then? Oh, absolutely not. Six work rate.

Then how? How is Khius Metz the greatest thing that’s ever happened to Football Manager since Maxim Tsigalko? It’s his pace. He’s a race horse. He’s Forrest Gump. He just runs. Runs and runs and runs.

In 20 years of playing Football Manager and Championship Manager, I have never seen a player who can cover ground as quickly as he can. He will start your game with 16-20 pace. And in the lower leagues, that is insane.

Getting the most out of Khius Metz is pretty simple. You smash the ball over the opposition’s defence and he will run for it. Or you give it to his feet, he’ll turn, and he’ll run all of the way to the goal. And likely he’ll miss. But he’ll do it again three minutes later. And he’ll miss again. But on the third time he’ll score.

I love you, Khius Metz.

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