If you haven’t spent at least eight hours a day trying to build the best tactic on Football Manager 21 then don’t worry, because I have, and it’s an absolute BEAST tactic.

This tactic will work with any team if you buy players who fit the tactic, most crucially, playmakers – both advanced and deep-lying playmakers. These two players will be absolutely vital for ball retention as well as feeding your two strikers.

So, let’s go into the tactic. I’ve used Manchester City as an example team, as their players suit this formation well. But it does work with any team at any level – the tactic is THAT good.

Best Tactic On Football Manager 21: OP Goal Machine Tactic


The formation is one that I don’t usually use on Football Manager, but it works well for our goal machine tactic. We use a 4-4-2 diamond formation with wingers and inverted wingbacks.

Tactical Style

Our style is complicated and there’s a lot of things you’ll have to implement. It’s essentially a crazy blend between Klopp and Guardiola’s tactics which have both respectively dominated the Premier League in recent years, but obviously a very different formation.

Our tactic is intense, and our extremely urgent pressing can be exhausting for players who lack physical stats. But, if we control the ball for long enough periods, there won’t be as much need for pressing.

All in all, this formation GUARANTEES goals. Lots of them. Pure entertainment, and I absolutely love using it.

The tactic is completely free, all you’ve got to do is just apply all of the instructions and tactics in the screenshot above to use the tactic and absolutely dominate.

Or if you’d just like to download the tactic to your computer so that you can just click in the tactics screen and load it in to save the time, all we ask is a small 99p donation to help pay for the website costs.

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