Denzel Dumfries was a relatively unknown player outside of Holland prior to Euro 2021, but after some impressive performances for the Dutch side, many Football Manager 2021 players will be wondering if the physical full back is good on Football Manager 21.

The first thing that stands out when looking at Denzel Dumfries’ FM21 ratings will come as no surprise. He’s big, strong and athletic and physically very suited to Premier League football.

Not only that, but he’s also an aerial threat, standing at 6’2″ and possessing solid heading stats.

From a mental perspective, Dumfries also has a solid 15 determination, and an impressive 16 work rate, which will be important in a side that will require him to bomb up and down the right flank.

Take a look at Denzel Dumfries’ ratings on FM21 below:

denzel dumfries fm21

You’ll also notice that he’s very versatile. There are few positions he can’t play.

However, he is 24 years old, which is probably a little older than many would have expected. So from a development point of view, he’s unlikely to make major improvements.

But all in all, his ratings are really solid and well rounded for a full back, especially if you’re a mid table Premier League team looking to push for European football.

Dumfries can be signed for around £9 million. Although you’ll face competition from a host of other Premier League clubs.