Free transfers can be a key tool to any Football Manager save, whether you are battling your way up the leagues or looking for that game changer to prevent relegation, a free transfer is an option that should not be overlooked. Here are some of the best free agents for Championship teams available in this year’s Football Manager, along with some personal favourites who I have found effective and extremely enjoyable.

Mile Jedinak

 Jedinak has been one of my personal favourites throughout the game, having been released in the summer of 2019, Jedinak boasts some outstanding attributes. The most impressive of which coming in the mental category, including bravery (18), leadership (17) and determination (15). However, the mental attributes are not the extent of his ability as he has also retained outstanding strength and natural fitness despite his age. The combination of leadership and physicality creates a brute of a centre midfielder, capable of impressing in a number of roles; my favourite of which being the ball winning midfielder, I find this role perfectly suits his attributes as it allows him to break up play and prevent the ball reaching the back 4. At the age of 34 Jedinak is more than capable of providing a few years of service no matter what division. I suggest you obtain Jedinak for any Championship save, as he suits the highly physical league and demands a very modest weekly wage (between £10,000-£15,000). This wage also means he is more than capable of being a squad player in the premier league, where his leadership and changing room presence is a huge asset.

Jedinak stats football manager

Giuseppe Rossi

A famous name when compared to other free agents available in FM20, Rossi’s real-life career was completely derailed by injuries, however he is still a viable option in this year’s game. The 32-year-old has some outstanding attributes for a striker who is available for as little as £14,000 a week. Rossi is best deployed as a deep lying forward, he is also more than competent as a false nine or advance forward. Despite his shockingly low wage, Rossi can add quality and goal scoring prowess, with attributes such as first touch (17), finishing (14) and composure (16) it is almost guaranteed that Giuseppe will score plenty of goals; whether used as a starting striker or an impact substitution, Rossi is a perfect fit for all second division teams, and would not be out of depth as a squad player in the first divisions of many countries. From personal experience I have found Rossi to be an extremely useful signing in the Championship, as he netted 17 goals in a Stoke save, despite being starved of starts throughout the season.

And if you’re familiar with our Ross County Football Manager challenge, you’ll know the quality he possesses.

Giueseppe Rossi stats football manager

Fabio Coentrao

A Champions League, La Liga and Primeira Liga winner; Coentrao offers fantastic value at £30,000 a week.  Most comfortable when deployed as a complete full back, the left back provides a level of consistency that is not expected from a free agent. With an off the ball stat of 16, Coentrao is a safe option at left back and when taking note of his measly wage and age, there are few better free agents on the market than Fabio Coentrao. At 31 years old, he is more than capable at providing 5-6 years of service in the first division of all countries, however with his poor fitness and stamina he may be better used as a squad or rotation player rather than a player who starts week in week out.

Fabio Coentrao Stats Football Manager

Yaya Toure

My all time favourite free agent has to be Yaya Toure. At the age of 36 Yaya is not a long-term signing, yet despite his age he offers a level of ability that is otherwise unattainable for Championship or second division teams. Toure has retained his greatest attributes from past games with 17 composure, 17 passing and 16 technical. In the deep lying playmaker position, he can be simply unplayable, picking the ball up from deep and spraying inch perfect passes in every direction. The one downside that must be mentioned is Toure’s age, having just turned 36 Yaya is only a viable option in the first summer of your save, doing this will prevent the risk of a random shock retirement. Personally, I signed him in my Nottingham Forest career where he was made captain instantaneously made captain of the club, the season saw Yaya lead Forest to promotion; only being rested occasionally and otherwise being the most vital player in a successful season.

Mark my words, Yaya Toure is the best free agent to sign with Championship clubs on Football Manager 2020.

Yaya Toure stats Football manager