Alright lads. Liam here from Footy Manager Memes. Hope you’re all doing well during lockdown 3.0. Stay safe and look after that mental health of yours. And Football Manager is great for mental health.

Got a bit more time on my hands at the minute, so thought I’d start a new series called Wonderkid Watch. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Basically I’ll review wonderkids from Football Manager 21, and will show you how they turn out on the game.

And I’m going to start AZ Alkmaar’s Myron Boadu.

FM21 Wonderkid Watch: Myron Boadu

Boadu FM21

Age: 19

Club: AZ Alkmaar

Value: £7.75M

The first thing that stands out when taking a look at Myron Boadu’s stats are those physicals. Insane. Pace, acceleration, and he’s only going to get quicker.

It’s quite clear that at the start of the game, Boadu is still raw. His technical game needs work, as does his mental. His technical game will improve with time. And if you want tips on how to improve mental attributes, check out my guide.

And although we LOVE cheap wonderkids on Football Manager 21, Boadu is anything but that. In the first season he’d probably cost you around £75m. But he’s worth it.

Now let’s look how Boadu develops, shall we?

How good does Myron Boadu become on FM21?

myron boadu fm21

The above screenshot is from my current save with Lazio, in the year 2026.

As you can see, Boadu massively improved his mentals. The increases in anticipation, composure and off the ball movement have made him an elite striker. Currently at Real Madrid, with 46 goals in 62 games for the Holland national team.

Now let’s take a look at Myron Boadu’s record…

myron boadu fm21

Boadu was signed by Tottenham and they managed to keep hold of the pacey striker for two years before Real Madrid snapped him up for £116m.

Boadu’s goalscoring record of 107 goals in 218 career appearances so far can be improved on if you snap him up early and put him in a strong team.

The ONLY thing holding Boadu back from being a five star recommendation is that hefty price tag.

Overall wonderkid rating: ★★★★

If you have a wonderkid you’d like reviewing, just drop me a DM on Instagram.