There’s one question on every football fan’s mind: Who is Lionel Messi going to play for next season?

Well, fear not lads. We’ve used the brand new 2021 season update for Football manager 20 to predict where the greatest player to ever grace the game will end up.

Will Messi stay at Barcelona? Is all of this just a power move to get his own way at the club? Or will he move to Man City? How about Juventus? PSG?

Over to you, Sports Interactive.

As you’ll all know, Football Manager 20 is often very accurate. Scarily so sometimes. Whether it’s predicting future stars of the game or the winner of this season’s Champions League, they’re never far wrong.

So, now that the 2021 season update has been released, which sees a certain Lionel Messi unhappy at Barca and destined to leave, we thought we’d simulate it to see which club got their hands on the Argentine.

Lionel Messi football manager

Obviously, Messi announcing his inevitable departure saw a lot of the bigger clubs in Europe come knocking. Manchester City, PSG, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and several teams from China.

But who had the cash? Who could afford his absolutely mammoth wage?

It was every Football Manager fan’s biggest nightmare. PSG. The deplorable wonderkid-snatching French giants.

If you think you can tempt Messi to your club, now’s the time to do it. All you’ve got to do is download the 2021 season update for Football Manager 20.

Enjoy, lads!