We’re getting close. So, so close to the release of Football Manager 21 as we edge closer to the release date of November 24th on PC.

If you haven’t pre-ordered already, use our link to get it much cheaper at £28.99 instead of the retail and Steam cost of £39.99. You’ll be sent your Steam key immediately and will also get access to the Beta version.

The release this year is different for many reasons though. Firstly, because of the impact COVID-19 had on the creation of the game. Not only from the creation process, but also it meant they had to change the game at the last minute to include coronavirus and all of the impacts it has had across the world of football, depleted finances, changing of transfer windows and fixture lists etc.

Secondly, it was also announced that Football Manager 21 is finally coming back to consoles for the first time since 2007. Xbox gamers get to join in with the fun (unfortunately it’s not available on PS4…yet).

And as we get closer to the release date, Sports Interactive have been dropping new features almost daily to get us excited.

But before the release of any Football Manager game, we’re able to get the Beta version 2 weeks early on November 10th.

What is the Football Manager 21 Beta version?

The Beta version is essentially just the full game. You are usually given access to it and can play one full season before the game is released properly. It gives Sports Interactive a chance to gauge feedback and fix any bugs before the big launch on November 24th.

Can I carry over my Football Manager 21 Beta save to the full game?

Yep. As soon as the game is fully launched on the 24th, you can play on with your Beta save.

Which platforms will Football Manager 2021 Beta be available on?

This year, the Beta version of Football Manager 21 will be available on PC and Mac. Not on Xbox, sadly. The release date for Football Manager 2021 on Xbox has yet to be confirmed.

When Will Football Manager 21 Beta be released?

The chief of Sports Interactive, Miles Jacobson, has confirmed on Twitter that the Beta version will be released on November 10th.

Can’t wait for this, lads.