We’re so close to the release of Football Manager 21, and after months of speculation we now know all the new features coming to FM21 this year.

Football Manager fans have been writing wishlists for months, begging Sports Interactive for new features in this year’s edition. And it looks like they’ve listened.

In a trailer, all of the new features we can look forward to were confirmed, and we got a sneak peak at Football Manager 21 gameplay footage too.

Football Manager 21: All New Features Coming to FM21

In the fast paced video, you’ll see that Football Manager 21 will have improved scouting by introducing a recruitment meeting. This can be used for you to tell your scouts exactly what type of player you’re looking for in the market.

As well as improved scouting, buying players will also see a huge change. You will now be able to go directly to the player’s agent to ask about their availability.

Interaction with the media will be more hands on too and there will be more importance on your relationship with the press. So it may not be wise to skip all of your questions.

Although they didn’t give full details on tactics, they did promise that in Football Manager 21 you’ll be able to perfect your tactics rather than just tweak them.

And relationships with your players will also matter more than ever. Body language will also play a part in meetings with players.

And one thing that many of us were screaming out for: XG is coming to Football Manager 21 as well as a load of new data available at our disposal to help make those big decisions.

All of these new features just got me so excited for November 24th!