It’s almost here. It’s so close you can almost taste it. A brand new edition of Football Manager, with new features, match engine improvements. And water bottles. We can even throw water bottles.

As the release of the Football Manager 2021 Beta version beckons, Sports Interactive chief Miles Jacobson and FM staff gave fans a first look at Football Manager 2021.

Football Manager dropped a pretty last minute live stream, which saw the lads play through the game for two hours while discussing at length the new features – of which there are many.

The stream is definitely worth a watch, because to put it simply, this year’s game looks absolutely stunning. It looks set to be the best in years.

Check out the live stream below:

Football Manager 21 Gameplay Footage: Watch First Ever FM21 Live Stream

All that’s left now is to get Football Manager 2021 pre-ordered so you save £11 and get access to the Beta version.

Please, for the love of God, drop the Beta version. Now.