Football Manager has always gone above and beyond to ensure a realistic user experience, and this year’s no different thanks to a heap of updated Recruitment features. 

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Football Manager 21 New Features: New Recruitment Features

“New staff roles, meetings, and interactions,” they write on the official website, “All add to an updated, more realistic in-game transfer landscape to ensure that FM21 reflects the life and times of a modern manager in today’s market.”

Meetings, for example, work by taking you to a swanky new 3D environment alongside your club’s big wigs, Director of Football, Chairman, and Chief Scout for example, to discuss scouting needs and all that good stuff. 


FM write: “Recruitment Meetings occur around a month before a window starts, both pre- and mid-season, prompting you to remember that long-term vision amongst the myriad distractions of a hard-fought campaign, and there’s a catch up meeting the week before the window closes too.

“Based on your responses in this meeting and the assignments you agree, your scouts will go to work and return to present their findings in a follow up. It’s here that you’ll get down to business, reading new reports on players you’ve not seen before and acting on them as you see fit.”

The spruced up recruitment process is helped along by a new analyst FM21 has introduced, to turn raw data into digestible and informative reports. With this, analysts are now split between recruitment and match (who, yes, have different skills) thanks to producers talking to clubs, managers and analysts in the real world. 


Recruitment has also been updated in the transfer market, with FM stating:

“Now you’ll be able to agree future loan deals outside of transfer windows meaning that you can get those short-term deals signed and sealed well ahead of schedule. Of course, you’ll need to wait for the transfer window to open before the loan player can link up with your squad but you’ll have plenty of time to plan out how you’re going to utilise them before they get there.”

Agents are set to have a bigger visibility in FM21. You will be to able to speak to players through their agent before a bid is made to found out what it takes to get them interested. 


“This mechanic,” FM states, “helps you plan your transfer dealings more efficiently by gauging wage expectations and budgeting bonuses before you speak to clubs and part with transfer fees — as well as knowing what you need to achieve to make a currently uninterested player interested in coming to your club.”

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