Football Manager 2021 has undergone a big revamp in regards to the interaction system ahead of the launch of FM21.

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Football Manager 21’s New Interaction Features

The individual chat system is last year’s news. Now it’s all about what they’re calling the Quick Chat system, that you can use to talk to players, journalists and opposition managers.

Quick Chats replicate the brief, Redknapp-through-the-car-window, informal interaction that doesn’t necessitate a proper meeting or press conference. 

“You might have a Remote Quick Chat with a journalist who is trying to get the inside story on a transfer rumour surrounding your club,” FM writes. “Or you’ll have an In-Person Quick Chat with a player to praise them for how they’ve been performing in training or if you want to ask them to actively look for a new club.

“During in-person Quick Chats, you’ll be able to select a Gesture to greet the player you’re talking to and they will react to that gesture in turn. Gestures enhance the FM interaction experience, allowing you to try to define the type of atmosphere you want a conversation to take place in.”

That being said, good old press conferences aren’t going anywhere. But they have been updated, too. The Gesture system will apply to how you take on journalists looking to catch you out. 

Their body language and reactions to your comments and gestures have also been brought to the fore. 


“Not only will you be able to see each individual journalist’s body language but the addition of Press Atmosphere helps you gauge the mood of the room and see the effect your answers are having,” FM states. “You’ll need to give insightful and interesting responses to their questions to keep them engaged and interested.”

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