It’s something that many people didn’t even know was a feature on Football Manager, but you can actually have a son. But how do you get a son on Football Manager?

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I’ll start by saying it’s rare. It’s super, super rare to have a son come through the youth ranks at your club. But it can happen.

Some of the most dedicated Football Manager fans may have had it happen to them, but the vast majority won’t.

In thousands and thousands of hours of playing, I’ve only ever had one son. Phil. He was absolutely awful and I released him. No time for sentimentality in this business.

But it got me wondering how and why did I get a son?

Sports Interactive gaffer Miles Jacobson was recently asked by a player how he can get a son on Football Manager, and Miles spoke about it for the first time.

Check out the tweet below.

How Do You Get A Son On Football Manager?

So, there we have it, you can have a son on Football Manager, but it’s completely top secret on how you get one. Only people at Sports Interactive know.

But. We’re not done there. We found a way.

How to get a son on Football Manager:

So, we know that your child comes through the youth intake on youth intake day, right? All you’ve got to do is save your game before youth intake day and reload when you don’t get a son. And keep reloading until you get a son.

This can take about an hour of constant reloading, but you’ll eventually get your very own son joining the club.