Wonderkids. Does anything bring you more joy than a Football Manager wonderkid? Buying them on the cheap, putting your arm around their shoulder, teaching them the tricks of the trade and watching them go on to become a superstar. It really is one of the best parts of Football Manager.

What is a wonderkid on Football Manager?

It’s fairly simple. It’s a young player who has potential to become world class. A wonderkid is a generational talent. Often they have the ‘wonderkid’ label on their profile, but not always. The kind of player you’ll have for 15 years and will remember for the rest of your life, or have him stolen by PSG for £150m and then have to go to therapy because you have trust issues.

Think Trent Alexander-Arnold, Mason Greenwood, Ansu Fati, Eduardo Camavinga. They’re all real life wonderkids.

What is a regen on Football Manager?

A regen is a regenerated football. When one player retires on the game, another is born somewhere. And this player will only exist on your game. He may come through at Real Madrid, but he may come through in the youth academy of a club in the third tier of Argentinian football. But he’s there. Waiting to be signed. All you’ve got to do is look. And I’ll teach you a trick on how to find regen wonderkids before anyone else.

How do I find Football Manager wonderkids for cheap?

Not all of us have £150m to spend on Haaland in the third season. A lot of us manage smaller clubs. Take me for example, I’m in my eight season with Vanløse in Denmark. We’ve gone from being an amateur side, to a club competing for the Superliga. But we still have absolutely no money. In eight years, the most I’ve paid for a player is £84,000.

My star player and wonderkid Ciprian Godin just left for AC Milan for £1.9m (another record transfer) and I need to replace him. So this is the perfect time for me to share my hack to finding world class wonderkids and regens for around or less than £1million.

A guide to finding hidden wonderkids on Football Manager 2020:

  1. click the globe at the top corner of your screen.

2. Select the country you’d like to search for wonderkids/regens in (I chose Argentina) and then hit transfers.

3. Select youth intake and scroll through the months until you find a crop of players who’ve been generated in that country. In most countries, they come in March, but occasionally in October. Scout them all, then add them to a designated shortlist. Once you’ve got your scout reports, you’ll be able to filter ratings etc.

Do this with as many countries as you want. And when you’re done with scouting, it’s time to have some fun.

Rinse and repeat to find your next regen wonderkid superstar.

Enjoy, lads.