It’s here. It’s finally here. Football manager 21 has dropped, and we can all now lock ourselves away for the next year to play it.

Dump your girlfriend, give away your children, cut ties with every friend you have. There are more important things in life now. Football Manager 2021.

How To Play Football Manager 21 Now: FM Beta Released

Football Manager 21 Beta version has now been released and can be played from now. All you’ve got to do is download Football Manager 21 using our 30% discount link, meaning Football Manager 21 will be yours for £28.99.

Once you’re done, you’ll receive a key that you enter into Steam, and that’s it. You’re free to play Football Manager 21.

What is the Football Manager 21 Beta version?

The Beta version is essentially just the full game. You are usually given access to it and can play one full season before the game is released properly. It gives Sports Interactive a chance to gauge feedback and fix any bugs before the big launch on November 24th.

Can I carry over my Football Manager 21 Beta save to the full game?

Yep. As soon as the game is fully launched on the 24th, you can play on with your Beta save.

Which platforms will Football Manager 2021 Beta be available on?

This year, the Beta version of Football Manager 21 will be available on PC and Mac. Not on Xbox, sadly. The release date for Football Manager 2021 on Xbox or Mobile has yet to be confirmed.