Wonderkids are the hottest property on FM20, however, most wonderkids are not ready to be thrown into the deep end and play key roles in the most competitive league on the planet. Instead having to be eased into the team with substitute appearances. Despite this, there are a few players that stand out, players who are ready to compete and become stars of the Premier League.

Here are some of my favourite Football Manager 20 Wonderkids ready for Premier League football:

Mohamed Daramy

Daramy is without doubt one of the most effective young strikers on the game, at 17 years old the advanced forward is available for as little as £10 million. This is one of the best transfers possible for all Premier League sides, whether challenging for the title or battling relegation.

Personally, I bought Daramy in my Aston Villa save, he rapidly became the teams most important player, cementing his place in the team and scoring a colossal 22 goals and 7 assists in 30 games; pulling the team to an FA cup final and a significant push for European football (a vast overachievement). Mohamed’s stats are frighteningly good, with 17 acceleration, 16 agility and 17 dribbling; at the age of 17 these stats are guaranteed to improve drastically; therefore allowing him to grow into the one of the best strikers on the planet.

Daramy stats

Thiago Almada

Available for as little as £5 million, Almada represents fantastic value for money. With a potential of up to 180/200, Thiago can quickly become one of the best players in not only England, but all of Europe.

A flair stat of 16 means Almada is an extremely efficient attacking midfielder, capable of creating clear cut chances out of nothing, this combined with a vision stat of 15 means that Almada’s assist numbers are consistently sky high. Most comfortable in the advanced playmaker role, Almada is most comparable to David silva, except with more mobility. This makes Thiago a lethal when deployed just behind the striker.

Almada stats

Jonathan David

David is simply electric. A deadly mix of pace, power and clinical finishing makes the Canadian youngster simply unstoppable. Available for around £25 million, given a few years his value can and will increase hugely.

At the age of 19, Jonathan is already able to deputise anywhere across the front four, however I find him most effective used as either an advance forward or a shadow striker; these positions perfectly suit his attributes and allow him to contribute with astronomical goal and assist numbers. David is definitely one of the best youngsters on the game, he is similar to a young Sergio Aguero; the perfect mix of pace and exceptional finishing.

David stats

Nuno Tavares

Tavares stands out as the most capable defensive wonderkid available. You’ll be able to purchase Nuno for as little as £5 million, with a potential ability of 159/200. He is a remarkably safe buy who is sure to bring fantastic performances from left back, utilising his well rounded attributes.

I would recommend purchasing Nuno for all premier league sides, however he may struggle to displace the star studded line up of fullbacks at the likes of Liverpool and Mnachester City. Therefore, he is best purchased for sides looking to bridge the gap between battling for relegation and challenging for Europe, and at the age of 19 Nuno is capable of being a key player in your side for over a decade.

Nuno Stats

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