Lockdown was a strange time, wasn’t it? So you’ll forgive me for coming up with the Ross County Football Manager challenge.

Before I decided to start being productive and started creating this wonderful Football Manager Tips site, I was as bored as the rest of the country. And one day I was sat on the couch on the Ross County F.C. Wikipedia page. I told you. It was a strange time for us all.

At first I found myself intrigued by the idea of managing the club and trying to displace Celtic and Rangers from the top 2 of the league, but then I noticed something absolutely crazy.

Ross County have so many players called Ross. Seriously.

Their keeper’s name? Ross Laidlaw. Midfielder? Ross Draper. Striker? Ross Stewart. Backup keeper? Ross Munro.

And then it hit me. A Ross County Football Manager challenge.

So, without further ado, I give you possibly the most absurd Football Manager challenge of 2020. But potentially the most fun.

The Challenge:

  • Take over Ross County Football Club and sign a team full of players with Ross in their name.

The Rules:

  • You can only field players with Ross in their name.
  • Surnames containing the word Ross are allowed. So, feel free to bid for Jordan Rossiter.
  • All 11 outfield players must be called Ross in every game.
  • Players who are not named Ross are allowed on the bench, but cannot feature in the game.

The Target:

  • Win the Scottish Premiership with your Ross filled Ross County team within 10 years.


  • Bonus points for anyone who manages to sign Ross Barkley.
  • Bonus points if your name is Ross.

If you’re successful, DM us on Instagram just because we really want to see if someone can do it.

We’ll also let Ross County FC know and you’ll probably get a stand named after you.