If you’ve seen my Instagram Story on Football Manager Memes, you’ll know that I recently won the Danish Superliga eight years after taking over amateur side Vanløse. It’s been an emotional day for me.

Not only did all the lads flood the official Vanløse Instagram page with congrats messages (they must be so confused), they also flooded my inbox with requests for the tactics that saw me rise from the bottom to the top.

To make this tactic work, I played to its strengths. I used tall players as a huge weapon. A CDM standing at 6’3″ and two CBs who were 6’5″ and 6’6″. You’ll know why set pieces are important if you have used my CB tactic.

But it’s not an ugly tactic like you’d think. The football we play is incisive attacking football. We’re just also really good at set pieces.

So, to break it down for you. This’ll work best with:

  • Pacey full backs. These are CRUCIAL to this tactic. If you don’t have strong full backs, it won’t be near as effective.
  • Massive CBs. For the set pieces. These guys will get you goals. Make sure that these are the guys your corners are being aimed at.
  • A hard cunt defensive midfielder. Someone who is tall, strong and can be the heartbeat.
  • A box to box midfielder. We run, we press. Someone with legs, but also someone slightly more creative. This isn’t a crucial role in this particular team, so you can get away with anyone decent.
  • Pacey inside forwards. Tricky wide men comfortable coming inside. The full backs will give them the outside option.
  • Attack mid support. I had a small, agile, creative here. Your typical David Silva type.
  • A fucking good striker. This overpowered tactic creates loads of chances. A striker with good mental and physical attributes is a must. Pace also very important.
  • Someone who can cross. A good crosser of the ball will get you 15-20 assists in this tactic. I signed a winger who had 19 crossing, who wasn’t great at much else. He got 24 goal involvements in 28 games.

So, here it is fellas:

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