Football Manager 21 has arrived and after Miles Jacobsen said that transfer fees would be lower at the start of the game I thought I would look at how much is it going to cost to land the big guns.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Players in FM 21

1. Kevin De Bruyne – £86m

Kevin De Bruyne tops the list of most expensive players this year. £86m is steep but if you want the best midfielder in the world you’re going to need to pay up. Take note of the wage before reading on to the next two. Just 230k p/w. Just?! Yeah now read on…

2. Neymar – £83m

So technically the next 2 are the same price at £83m so to sort them I have used their wage. Neymar tops it with £850k p/w! A ridiculous amount! More than double that of third place.

3. Kylian Mbappe – £83m

So still at £83m but with a significantly lower wage than Neymar – although still pretty steep for most clubs. One of the most promising players in world football has been rumoured to be on the move but will you be the one to sign him?

4. Harry Kane – £80m

Tottenham striker Harry Kane takes 4th place at £80m. 19 Finishing is the stand out stat here. Goals, Goals, Goals.

5. Mohamed Salah – £77m

More Premier League talent in the top 5. Salah has been a constant for Liverpool and if like me you’re an avid Fantasy Football Manager he has probably been in your team too. Impressive dribbling and finishing as you would expect. £77m is also the cost of team mate Sadio Mane although Salah’s wage is 20k more meaning he makes it to the 5th spot.