One of the biggest news stories in recent years broke shortly before the release of Football Manager 2022. Newcastle United became the richest club in world football.

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While in real life we may need to wait until January to see how much they splash the cash, Newcastle’s Saudi takeover had everyone wondering what their transfer budget would be on Football Manager 22.

And it really hasn’t disappointed.

Newcastle’s transfer budget on Football Manager 2022

Newcastle’s transfer budget on Football Manager 2022 is… wait for it… £200 million. Yes. If you start a save with Newcastle, you’ll have a huge budget to work with.

In the second season, you’ll also be given a transfer budget of £100m.

Newcastle’s wage budget on Football Manager 2022

The Toon Army also have a very tasty wage budget on Football Manager 2022, with a wage budget of over £2m, which leaves around £600k at the start of the game.

While work needs to be done in terms of getting rid of deadwood and also making St James’ Park an attractive place to the world’s biggest talents, there’s no denying that Newcastle’s takeover makes them one of, if not the most exciting club to manage on this year’s Football Manager.

What makes Newcastle an even more fascinating challenge is that from day one of the job, the board will be pressuring you to bring in high profile names, and your time at the club will be largely dependant on the world renowned players you bring in.

And if you’re wondering what Newcastle’s total bank balance is on FM22… £260m. Not bad.