It’s edging closer. That great day where the new Football Manager arrives and we all sink hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into the new game. You may have noticed we have been running a big promotion on that, through our link, you can purchase FM21 for just £29.99. This doesn’t just help us; but also Sports Interactive and all that they affiliate with. Many of you have perhaps considered pirating Football Manager, or perhaps you already have done. I’m hoping I can change your mind if you’ll do me the courtesy of reading a few reasons why you should support the game legally.

Why You Should Ignore Football Manager 21 free download:

Firstly, Sports Interactive is a relatively small gaming studio. As of 2018, they only had 115 employees. So to produce a game with the detail and magnitude of Football Manager is no easy task and their reliance on sales revenue is a fundamental part of their makeup. Sports Interactive nearly entirely rely on Football Manager and every pirated copy is a sale lost which hinders any future development. Enhancements such as the Xbox edition don’t come easily and require large amounts of development time. By purchasing Football Manager, you are actively supporting the developers and helping the game grow.

Secondly, Football Manager has become famous in the gaming community for the work it does supporting major charities such as War Child, Special Effect and Kick It Out. These charities all benefit from the free advertising they receive within the game and generous donations from Sports Interactive. Indirectly, this is something the fanbase support through their purchases. They are fantastic initiatives for issues varying from child soldier trafficking to racism in football. Downloading the game illegally means less support for these charities and I would encourage anyone who is considering pirating the game to read into the stories of these charities and the work they do before making that choice.

Finally, it helps us – and the whole community of Football Manager. FM has developed perhaps one of the strongest gaming communities online. You may not believe this but I do actually play other games (shocking, I know) and nothing comes close to the online forums, memes and debates had because of this great game; it’s the reason I am able to write this right now. By supporting the game, you support this page and all the other content creators whose livelihood depends on the success of the game. That may be your favourite YouTuber, Twitch Streamer or blogger; they all need your support.

So, please, if you can, it would really be great if we can end video game piracy and all purchase the game legally. It’s an important initiative so we can continue to play the game we all love so dearly and enjoy all the content it brings us.

If you would like to know more, please feel free contact myself or the page on Instagram.

Thanks for reading.